Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Top 25 Albums, Part 3

15) Bettie Serveert - Palomine
Top to bottom, their best record. Some damn catchy songs on this one. While I am a fan of their other albums as well, this is one that I can put on repeat and listen to all day. For the uninitiated, I would start here.

14) Hey Mercedes - Loses Control
I fucking love this band, and this record. They broke up in '04, but I still play this thing like it is going out of style. Almost all the tracks are some of the most-played songs on my iPod. I just never seem to get tired of it. As a matter of fact, I did my first post on this blog about this record.

13) Versus - The Stars are Insane
I am such a big fan of this band, this record and even all their side projects. Of which there are many. So much of this album reminds me of tremendously good times. It is fall back record for any occasion. I feel it is their best.

12) Green Day - Dookie
As a product of the 90's, this record made a huge splash. Fast, fun and catchy, it was the non-stop companion to my late high school years. Perfect for driving around to.

11) That Dog - Retreat from The Sun
These bitches can harmonize like nobody's business. They kick it with the violin and keyboards and still rock really hard. This one is also attached to a lot of good times. Great album to sing with, as long as you have some friends with you to sing back up.

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