Sunday, April 20, 2008

Enough Already!

Well, our journalistic integrity is alive and well. Too bad it is focusing all of its steely gaze at reality TV. In yet another stupid incident, it was "revealed" that the Deadliest Catch may have made things look a little more deadly than they were.
Again, I am going to ask the question, WHO CARES?? These guys are really up there, catching crab so you assholes can have your jumbo crab legs. Do we really need it to be "more real?" Is it an actual death scene you want?
But, my real question is, where is this desire for the truth from shows like The Hills, The Real World, Survivor, or any of the other reality crap that is out there? Why do you have to bring down shows people actually like? Or better yet, why don't you take those investigation skills and go to Washington and put them to good use. God knows, the real reporters aren't cutting it anymore.
Leave our TV alone. It's bad enough Hollywood only puts on reality shows. Then, it has to tell us all how real they aren't. Make up your fucking mind.

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